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Siddhagiri Math or Kaneri Math

Siddhagiri Math or Kaneri Math  
Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math is a historical place. It is temple of Lord Shiva and the shiv-pindi was installed in the  14th century by a Lingayat Priest. Math is surrounded by a stone wall. It is 10 to 12km away from kolhapur city. The temple is situated on hill surrounded by natural beauty. Temple is great Architecture of basalt rock and of Hemadpanti style. It is peaceful place to get good spiritual experience. A 125 feet deep well and a 42 feet huge Shiva idol is worth seeing.

        The Math or temple is look after by Siddheshwar Trust of monastery . Thousands of devotees form Maharashtra & Kamatak gather on Monday and Maha Shivaratri.  The spot is really worth visiting! 

Siddhagiri Museum
For this museum we can say that for while if you are being in Kolhapur then don't miss to see it. It is kind of itself. This museum showcases village life of India. It has theme of Swayampurna Gram Jivan i.e. self sufficient village in which every need of each person were get fulfilled in village itself  so that they do not depend on external world.

The needs right from foods to cloths, from footwear to jewelry, from foundry products to construction materials and from education to entertainment get fulfilled in village itself. This concept was in place in India. Mahatma Gandhi had vision that this concept would continue in modern India to avoid urbanization.

    There were 12 Alutedars 12 main profession-based castes i.e. Professions performed from generation to generations by families and 18 Balutedars, who provide equipments to all villagers to fulfill their day-to-day necessities domestic as well as professional. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and is surrounded with lush greenery. Every aspect of village life has been depicted in this museum.
The museum is created through the vision and efforts of Siddheshwar Trust.The Museum contains statues of people of self sufficient  village while doing there daily activities. You can see farmer harvesting their grain. The shepherd engaged in managing his herd. Women fetching water from well. You can find the mother feeding her child. Children in school. You can see house of all kind of people and temple.  

You can see the tailor, the blacksmith, the fisherman. You can see all kinds of animals and birds that can be found in the village.All statues are lively and they are made up of cement material.

Apart from museum 'Great Ancient Indians' and Raashi Udyan (Garden of Signs) is place of attraction.

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