Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mahalaxmi Navaratra Fair

Mahalaxmi Navaratra temple is one of the popular temples of Jalgaon. It is located in the district of Jalgaon's heart. This festival is dedicated to the Mother Goddess Mahalaxmi and it is celebrated with the lots of joy for 10 days. This festival is starts from the Hindu day of Ashiva Sud one to Ashvina Sud ten in the very religious Navaratra temple of district of Jalgaon. This temple is as beautiful as other Hindu temple, elegant and its architecture is such delightful that it touches your soul. And on the top of this attractive temple there is Kalash. Within this temple, all the 4 pillars are made of brass and it has been fitted but not in the walls of the temple, because of this architecture system, much light can enters inside the temple. In this festival, majority of the devotees are come from the district of Jalgaon and the villages which are near to the Jalgaon.

Back portion of the Mahalaxmi idols is made of sheets of silver; the size of this sheet is forty one by Forty one. Within the temple, there is also presence of God Shiva by placing the Pindi and as per the Hindu customs, each and every work or Temple has the picture of Lord Ganesh at the back side of the Mother's idol. You will also get to see the idol of powerful God Hanuman by 3 and ½ inches height idol; it is very rare but attractive idol of Lord Hanuman. Because of the long duration of festival, people thoroughly enjoy and worship the Mahalaxmi goddess. Jalgaon is nicely developed district, here's transport is connected with the major cities like Mumbai, Pune etc. if you like to travel by rail then you can take train from Mumbai for Jalgaon. Mumbai Nagpur highway is the major road through which you can reach at the Jalgaon by road. Taking part in the such a religious festival would be a very unique and refreshing experience for you.

Region : Maharashtra, Jalgaon

Dedicated Festival : Goddess Mother Mahalaxmi

Duration of Festival : Ten days

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