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Bhuleshwar is famous for the Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva, situated around 55 kilometres from Pune. The temple is situated on a hill and was built in the 13th century. There are beautiful carvings on the walls. Bhuleshwar has a mythological & historical significance. Originally , it was a fort which was called as 'Mangalgadh'. It is said that Devi Parvati danced for Lord Shiva and from here they went to Kailash and got married. This place is very crowded during Mahashivratri. Tawny Eagles migrate here from Pakistan and Indian Himalayan areas during winter in Himalayas but summer in Maharashtra. Temple was built during the period of 1230 AD during Yadava Rulers. It is believed that the temple was ruined by invaders and reconstructed later (because the entrance of the temple is hidden like Gaimukhi Buruj construction of Shivaji's time & In 13th century there was no need to hide entrance ). The fort on which the temple is situated is called as Daulatmangal fort some times referred as Mangalgad. Black basalt (`AA type') rock was brought to construct this temple it is far superior as compared to surrounding brownish color basalt which has high percentage of calcium (lime - Chuna). The fort was constructed in 1634 by Murar Jagdev who, in 1630, looted Pune. He then built the fort to keep a watch on the city.

Bhuleshwar Sculpture Detail
This place has a shivaling below which you put Indian Sweets. It is said if they disappear your wish will be granted. Mostly it has been observed that no matter how much amount of sweets you put, it disappears.

How to Reach:
There are two ways to approach this fort. First from on Pune-Solapur highway, just before Yawat take right turn along eastern bank of canal. On this way at ghat section road is steep so vehicle break must be in good condition. When you start observing temple by this way there are steps going towards fort. This must be the old way of fort. Second way At Saswad chowk instead of going towards Jejuri take again left turn next to high school. Road goes via village called Singapur. You can see Jejuri on south, Purandar on south-west and Dhavaleshwar on West. The road from Pune up to Yevat is in very good condition. From Yevat it is approximately 8 km of hilly ride, the road from Yevat till the hill top is in good condition (enough for driving).

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