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Khodala, a quite serene hamlet located 1800 feet above sea level is in Thane District of Maharashtra. The village is situated in a thickly forested area and is mainly inhabited by tribal people. Many of the locals of the village still live by their traditional values and rituals.

Even though Khodala is a mere 150km from the city of Mumbai, it has remained fairly untouched by tourists. Some of the attractions here are the Amala wildlife sanctuary, Vaitarana lake, Tringalwadi fort, and the Igatpuri-Kasara ghats. Khodala is a great place for trekking, mountain biking and waterfall rappelling.

Khodala, a captivating village with a quiet and calm atmosphere, is placed at an elevation of 1800 feet in the Thane district of Maharashtra. This is a thick woody place in hilly surroundings and is really a bewildering picnic spot to roam in. Khodala still maintains the traditional values and rites of its own. Damned with rocky terrain and wonderful environment, Khodala imparts an unusual feeling of being out in the wilderness.

Though Khodala locates near to Mumbai, it is a less discovered holiday spot. A traditional tribal village, dwelt mostly by tribal population, unaffected by modernity gives a clear characterization of the rural Indian culture. The attire of the tribal people needs a peculiar mention. Tribal dance and music observed throughout the night in special occasions.

How to Reach :
Khodala is located Maharashtra India, just off the road to Nasik and a demanding 40 km trek across the Western Ghats from Jawhar. The road to Khodala from Mumbai runs through the Mumbai-Nasik Highway which in parts in parts is almost First World in appearance. Down this highway at Jawhar Phata you take a left turn onto a much humbler road. After about 22 km you will come to a village that has grown around a 100m stretch of road. From some breathtaking drives and wild animals that may want to meet you but that is everything you need to make your holiday ambitions come true.

The cheapest way to go to Khodala is to take one of the many trains from Mumbai to Kasara. From the station government buses and private jeeps that stuff people into them will drop you off at Khodala but this should be your last resort. The only commonsensical way to reach Khodala is by car because the place demands flexibility of transport.

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