Saturday, 29 January 2011


Ujni dam is situated in Solapur District. This dam is on the river Bhima. Bhimanagar a new township. Bird sanctuary. 20-km long Asia's longest underground tunnel to carry water form Ujani dam to river Sina. Watch the Flamingoes while they walk on the water. Experience the fascinating boat ride at the Ujani Dam backwaters.

Every year, from September till Feb-March, Pune and its surrounding water bodies are home to a number of migratory birds. These visitors travel thousands of kilometers to escape the winters of Europe, Northern Asia and Himalayas.

Situated about 100 km from Pune the backwaters of the UJANI dam near Bhigvan provide a healthy habitat for all the migratory waterfowls. Specially known for the Greater Flamingoes, which arrive in mid-winters this place is flooded with a variety of Ducks, Pochards, Storks, Ibises and Terns. The deep waters in the center of the water body attract Sea Gulls and the shallow water lands surrounding the backwaters attract waders and other water birds. The narrow bridge across the Ujani dam gives a good opportunity for all the birdwatchers to flock and watch.

How to Reach :
By Road: Ujni is near from Solapur.
By Rail : Solapur is nearest Railway Station.

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