Friday, 25 March 2011

Mandwa - Kihim Beach

You will find these two beach fronts 12 miles north of Alibag on the north coast and easily accessible from Mumbai. Mandwa is a beautiful, untrodden beach. On a clear day one can enjoy a long, breathtaking view across the bay, up to the Gateway of India. Mandwa village too, has a charm of its own -- with its beautiful groves of coconut palms.

You can plan an unusual tent holiday nearby at Kihim. Unspoilt and isolated, this beautiful place has a soothing effect on all city dwellers. For the nature lover, Kihim has a lot to offer: woods brimming with wild flowers and rare butterflies and birds.

Worth visiting is the Kolaba Fort, just a furlong away from the shore. 15 kms from Alibag is Chaul, an historic place with Portuguese ruins, Buddhist Caves, the Hamam Khana, a church, a temple and even a synagogue.

How to Reach :
Nearest airport is Mumbai, 136kms.
Nearest railhead is Panvel, 85 kms on Konkan Railway.
Mumbai-Pen-Alibag-Kihim, 136kms. Alibag-Kihim,12 kms,Panvel-Kihim 85kms. State Transport buses ply form mumbai to Alibag, and Alibag, Rewas to Kihim.
By Sea: Nearest port is Rewas, 6 kms from Kihim. Regular ferry service between Mumbai Rewas (except during monosoon)

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