Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Marve Manori Gorai

The beautiful Manori beach positions itself 40 kms away from the clamorous atmosphere of Mumbai. It is placed at the North of Mumbai, located about 20 minutes away from Madh Island.

Manori beach nearest to Mumbai and its bustling crowds. These tiny beaches lie, north of city, untouched by expansion and industrialization., The sunrises and sunsets here are enchanced by the hill ranges that frame the beach. Marve is the closest and quietest. This lovely fishing village has beautiful bunglows and wide clean beaches. A little furthur away are the more popular beaches of Gorai and Manori. A favourite of picnickers.
If your agenda for the weekend calls for nothing more energy-consuming than some sunbathing at a beach, Manori, located about 20 minutes away from Madh Island, is the place to hit. Manori and the nearby Gorai are quaint hamlets that faintly remind one of Goa. The population of East Indians -- a particular group of Catholics native to the Mumbai area -- is high in these villages and hence high visibility of roadside chapels and churches and women in 'frocks'.

Both these are excellent, safe suburban beaches, linked by a rocky headland and accessed across a small creek from mainland Mumbai. The Gorai creek barge looks like a jalopy but is sturdy and serviceable. On the other side, Manori beach is a ten minute rickshaw ride away, fringed with swaying palm trees and a row of beachside cottage hotels. The most famous of these is Manori Bel, a cluster of white washed spanish-style villas with clean bright rooms and charming wicker furniture. Some of the houses in Manori village also double as hotels where you can dump your belongings and order lunch before heading for the beach. Nearby Gorai is more downmarket but less expensive. The shacks for rent here are usually occupied by illicit couples or rowdy picnic groups and the beach is full of dodging balls and flying frisbees. Still, the sand is relatively clean and the water inviting.

North of Mumbai, and away from its busting crowds and pollution, are these three gems that have become popular havens for Mumbai's beleaguered fun lovers.

Manori - Marve, the closest and the quietest are a lovely little fishing village. It has some beautiful bungalows owned by Mumbai's elite for weekend gateways.

Low hills along the beach offer you extraordinary views of sunrise and sunset. Gorai and Manori, a little further away, are more crowded with revelers and are famous for all night beach parties.A fifteen-minute ferry ride from Marve or Borivali takes you to Gorai and Manori.

How to Reach :
Malad, a station on the suburban section of WR, is the nearest railhead.
By road, Marve is 40 kames. From Mumbai via Malad.
The longer route, via Bhayander, is 85 kms.

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