Thursday, 14 April 2011

Anwa Temple

Anwa Temple is located 10 km away from Golegaon close to Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Presiding deity is Lord Shiva, and the temple dates back to 12th century. The temple has a sanctuary and a mandap (open hall) with decorated pillars. Anwa is a small village on the main road leading from Aurangabad to the Ajanta Caves. 

Anwa village gained significance because of Anwa Temple. The pillars of the temple has beautifully carved sculptures and bedecked pillars. The temple has also images of Vishnu, Ganesha and other divinities. 

As Anwa is very close to Ajanta, it is very suitable to travel by road from Golegaon. Private car or taxi is the best approach of transport. For room small budgeted hotels are available at Ajanta. One can also stay at the government guesthouse.

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