Monday, 4 April 2011


Vijaydurg is a town that is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This town is located along the coastline of Maharashtra, and is a prominent tourist destination. Travelling to the town of Vijaydurg is easy due to the host of options available. If you’re looking to spend a nice vacation by gazing in awe at ancient structures and a huge fort, then Vijaydurg is the place for you. 

The town of Vijaydurg is located around 485 kilometres away from the metropolitan city of Mumbai, along the coast and has a lot of virgin beaches that are untouched by tourists or travellers of any kind. You can relax and unwind in these beaches and can spend some time alone with your family at this place. 

The town of Vijaydurg also houses a very ancient temple that is called the Rameshwar Temple. This temple is very popular among pilgrims. The Vijaydurg fort is another must see destination. This fort is actually a huge complex, and was built by the great Maratha King Shivaji. The fort houses the commander’s house and also three defensive lines. History buffs will love the massive Vijaydurg fort, constructed of huge blocks of stone, which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

How to Reach :

By Train
The railway stations at Kudal and Rajapur are the closest railway stations to the town of Vijaydurg. These railway stations fall under the broad reach of Konkan Railways. Regular trains will be available to the cities and towns of Mumbai, Dadar, Madgaon, Ernakulam, Trivandrum and Veraval. Train fares will be comparatively lesser when compared to bus fares, but tickets need to be booked well in advance. Fares will range around Rs 200 to 500.

By Bus :
Buses to the town of Vijaydurg will be available from all nearby towns like Mumbai, Jaitapur, Rajapur, Malwan and Achara. You can opt for air conditioned and non air conditioned buses from the city of Mumbai, as both government buses and private buses will run to Vijaydurg. The city of Mumbai lies at a distance of around 485 kilometres from Vijaydurg and Goa lies around 200 kilometres from Vijaydurg. Buses from Goa will cost you around Rs 300 for the basic class of travel and buses from Mumbai will cost you anywhere around Rs 350 to 500, depending on the class of travel availed. 

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