Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sant Sena Nhavi

There was a barber named Sena Nhavi. He was very pious and god loving. He used to get up early in the morning, have his bath, perform his poojas and only then look at his occupation and other domestic affairs. Sena was also the king’s barber and would have to go to the palace whenever the king called him. One day as Sena was performing his pooja in his house, the king’s messenger came looking for Sena. Sena was deep in his prayers and so his wife told the king’s messenger that he was not at home. Sena’s neighbor who was also a barber on seeing this went and complained to the king, that Sena was at home performing his prayers and had lied to him that he was not at home. He also offered to do the job himself. The Mohamedian king got angry on listening to this and sent the guards to arrest Sena. Knowing what was in the king’s mind Vitthal immediately took the form of Sena and came to the palace. The moment the king saw him, his anger disappeared. When Sena touched him the king was filled with amazement. Sena then shaved the king and shampooed his head. The king felt very happy and told him that he is the best barber in town and should remain with him in the palace. Sena then rubbed the fragrance oil on the king. As Sena was rubbing the oil, the king saw the reflection of Shri Krishna in the fragrance oil. The king was amazed on seeing this. He then saw up and it was Sena rubbing his head and not Shri Krishna with four hands as he saw in the bowl of oil. The king lost all consciousness and was absorbed in the form of god that he was seeing in the oil bowl. The men in the kings assembly started laughing at the king looking at his stage and told him that it was already afternoon and that he should go and have his bath. The king then asked Sena to be there and not to go home. The king also told him that if he leaves him he would die. Sena then told the king that he would return quickly. The king then gave a handful of gold coins to Sena. Shri Krishna then took the coins, placed it in the bag in Sena’s house and disappeared.

The king after finishing his bath came and asked his servants to go get Sena at once. He was in a completely different state and could not eat, nor dress up. He said that if Sena doesn’t come now he would loose his life. The royal servants immediately went to Sena’s house and asked him to come to the palace immediately. Not knowing anything that had happened, Sena asked them if the king was very angry with him as it was very late. Taking his bag, Sena immediately came to the palace. On seeing Sena entering the palace the king got up and greeted Sena and every one in the kings assembly laughed at this. The king then told Sena to show him the form with four hands that he had shown to him that morning. Hearing this Sena was full of astonishment. He then ordered his servants to bring the bowl of oil and saw Sena’s reflection in it, but was disappointed that he could not see the form he had seen in the morning. Sena then knew what had happened and his eyes were filled with tears and asked god why he had to do this lowly job of a barber to save him. He also told the king that it was lord Shri Krishna whom he had seen that morning. The king then rushed up to Sena and held him by his feet and told him that he had been able to see Lord Shri Krishna due to his association with him. Sena then saw the coins that god had put in his bag and distributed them to the Brahmans. The Mohamedian king then became a staunch follower of Shri Krishna. Sena then took leave from the king and decided to go in the service of god.

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