Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thoseghar Waterfalls

The Thoseghar is just 20 kms from the Satara city. It is situated at the beginning of Konkan Region. A 1000 feet waterfall makes the village very special. There are thousands of people come from all over Maharashtra to visit this place especially in Rainy season. You will experience the heavy rain fall here.

There is a newly constructed Platform to stand and take a good view of the waterfall. You can enter in the Vally and see where exactly the water falls except the Rainy season (due to heavy rainfall). Do not try adventure here because many people have wasted their lives due to such adventures. This place is full of Natural beauty and pleasant climate to experience this you need to visit Thoseghar in Rainy season.

There are some hotels where you can enjoy a food(especially Non-veg) after enjoying the mighty of water fall. You can bring meet with you and tell the hotel guy to make ready for you. The guy will charge you but will make a delicious food to enjoy with. There is Veg food also for Vegetarian people.

How To Reach?
You can reach Thoseghar with state transport buses or via your own vehicle. The road direction and milestones direct the way to Thoseghar. On the way to Thoseghar you will see Parali dam and Sajjangad. The road to Thoseghar is not so good.

Best time to visit
July to November.

What to See?
Thoseghar Waterfall.
Chalkewadi Wind Mills Project (It is near from Thoseghar).
Beautiful Nature (In Rainy Days)

Do Visit