Saturday, 14 May 2011



- Make research about the place you are visiting.
- Maintain the sanctity of the place, especially, religious places.
- In Rome try to be Romans.
- Carry plastic cash. In interiors however, one might face problems with availability of ATMs.
- Carry Traveler Cheques if the stay is long.
- Carry all medications if you are allergic. Note down the medicines which are allergic to you.
- Follow local rules & traditions.

Do Not

- Mingle too much with strangers.
- Try to be over adventerous.
- Do not enter religious places wearing footwear.
- Do not photograph strangers, without their permission.
- Do not carry too much cash or jewellery.
- Do not entertain beggars.
- Do not write, scribble or create graffitis on walls of historical places.

Do Visit