Thursday, 26 May 2011

Manas Mandir, Shahapur

A marvelous Jain temple, located at the base of the Mahuli hill is popularly known as shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandir Tirtha. An awesome panchaloha (5 metals) idol of Aadeshwar Bhagwan adorns the garbha griha (sanctum) of the temple, and it makes the devotee think that the deity will speak at the very moment. 

A large temple complex at the top of a hill and a river flowing beneath is indeed a stunning scenario. The 76 feet pillar less dome and its superb ceilings, tremendous carvings reveal the architectural brilliance of the makers of this fabulous shrine.

Another important attraction of this incredible shrine is that, the old temple excavated from Gujarat is located a few meters away and it houses marble statues of 500-700 years old. In the backyard of the old temple, there is a 100 years old banyan tree, which is a habitat for so many rare snakes. 

All these wonderful structures and its surrounding lush greenery, makes Manas Mandir, a must seen holy place.   Old Mahuli Fort stands guard behind this beautiful temple making it a very good one day picnic spot for revelers from and around Mumbai.

How to Reach :
Board any Local Train towards Kasara and alight at Asangaon Station. Catch any auto from Asangaon Station (West) and ask them to take you to Manas Mandir. Auto Fare is around Rs.70/-

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