Friday, 18 March 2011

Bassein Beach (Vasai Beach)

Famous Bassein Beach is situated in Bassein, which is somewhere around 50 to 60 km from the Mumbai city of Maharashtra. The splendid beach has, infact, become one of the major tourist attractions of the town today. The beautiful fusion of natural beauty with historical and religious significance that Bassein town offers could never ever get complete without the splendid beach, which has been attracting tourists from far and wide. 

Once upon a time a Portuguese fortified city. the Marathas beseiged it in 1739. The ruins of the city walls can be still seen, amidst the brushwood and palmgroves. The wide beaches of Bassein used to be a place for ship building in the beginning of the 17th century. About 10 km to the northwest lies Nalasopara village, the capital of Konkan from 1500 BC - 1300 AD. Nalasopara is believed to have been Gautama Buddha's birthplace in a previous life. There are some extremely beautiful; churches in Bassein. 

The white sandy shore provided by the Baseein Beach is just perfect for lazing around or strolling aimlessly. The palm trees encircling the beach undoubtedly add to its scenic grandeur. Being located close to the Mumbai city of India, the beach has turned out to be one of the popular picnic spots for its residents. A day at the beach serves as the perfect way for them to forget the tensions of daily life and spend sometime with family. 

As far as the history of Baseein town is concerned, it was used as a shipbuilding destination by the Portuguese, in the early seventeenth century. It was here only that they lost power to the Marathas, in the year 1739. The fort that was built by the Portuguese, at the time of their power over the beach, can still be seen today. Thus, apart from the beach, there are a number of other worth-visiting places at Bassein, including the fort and a number of marvelous churches.

Getting There : Vasai  Road on the western railway suburban route is the nearest railhead.

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