Thursday, 17 March 2011

Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium is known for India’s tourist attraction, Educational & Entertainment centre since the last 58 years. India’s Honourable President Dr. Rajendra Prasad inaugurated Taraporewala Aquarium on 27th May, 1951.

Mr. Milra then administraitor of Bombay Natural History Society sent a proposal to government in 1923 for seting up a marine biology research station for Mumbai. In 1926, the government appointed expert committee under the leadership of Director of Fisheries to study the proposal. Construction of Aquarium was expedited after the end of the 2nd World War. Construction of Aquarium was possible only due to generous donation of Rs.2,00,000 made by nature lover Mr. D.B.Taraporewala in 1945 and a sanction of large piece of land near coast by state government. On 9th May, 1947 foundation for the Aquarium was laid by Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Balasaheb Kher of then Mumbai State. It took around 3 years to complete the complicated structure of 2 Floored Buidling of total 108 feet length and 94 feet width structure. Construction took place under the guidance of Dr. C.C.John -Trivandrum Aquarium, Dr. V.Prasad – Fisheries Development Consultant, Mr. C.W.Kotak, Dr. L.S.Herald – San Francisco Aquarium, Dr. S.L.Hora - Director , Zoological Survey of India. Building consists of Aquarium on the ground floor and the Commissionerate of Fisheries, Mahashtra State, Mumbai office on the 2nd Floor. The cost incurred to build the aquarium was Rs.8,90,904/-.

Aquarium consists of Marine organisms exhibits, fresh water organisms exhibits and Ornamental fish exhibits in various sizes of tanks. A large number of Mumbaites, travelers from out of Mumbai and foregin countries, educational tours visit the aquarium. High revenue is earned by Aquarium through reasonable entry fees.

Marine and Inland varieties of fishes are exhibited at a reasonable exhibit cost. Since 1st April,2003 Entry fee for the adults is Rs.15/- and for children (3 to 16 years) it is Rs.10/-. Educational Tours by the educational Institutes and group of students are given concession and they are charged at Rs.5/- per person. Handicapped persons are allowed at free of cost.

Aquarium is open from Tuesday to Saturday from Morning 10.00a.m. to evening 7.00.p.m. .On Sundays and Public Holidays it is open from Morning 10.00 a.m. to evening 8.00.p.m.

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