Monday, 18 April 2011

Saints of Maharashtra

Maharshatra is a state with rich cultural heritage and is a land of intense spirituality and religious faith, which is reflected in the profusion of temples presented here. It has a long tradition of Saints for centuries. Saints who propogated amongst masses the real values of religion. Saints who preached equality, humanity and godly behaviour. Saints who preached valour.  Saints like Namdev traversed the lengths of India and reached Punjab and is a reverred name even today. Saints like Ramdas Maharaj preached valour and dignified living. 

The tradition of Saints were furthered by the dominance of Warkari Tradition. Saint Dnyandev, Tukaram, Eknath etc being the icons of this Tradition.  These saints gave hope amongst the depressed populace then. Saint Eknath through his "Bharuds" awakened the masses about the injustice meted out to them by the tyrannical rulers.  Saint Dnaneshwar gave the access of Bhagvadgeeta to the masses by translating the sacred sanskrit verses in Marathi.  Women too were not far behind in this tradition of Saints, Saint Janabai, Soyrabai, Sakhubai etc.

Some of the Saints from Maharashtra are as below :
- Namdev
- Sant Gora Kumbhar
- Sant Rohidas
- Samarth Ramdas
- Sant Narhari Sonar
- Chokhamela
- Savta Mali
- Bhakta Goma Bai
- Sant Banka Mahar
- Sant Bhagu
- Sant Damaji Pant
- Sant Janabai
- Sant Kanhopatra
- Sant Karmamelam
- Sant Nirmala
- Sant Sadna
- Sant Sakhubai
- Sant Satyakam Jabali
- Sant Soyarabai
- Sant Sena Nhavi
- Sant Eknath

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