Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Changdeo Fair

Changdeo fair is known as the spiritual place and it is very well known for Sage Markandeya. There is a history behind, this place to become a religious place. This place became holy place because this place where Sage Markandeya practiced his attrition and also because here is the point of conflux of two rivers Tapi and Purna. Many pilgrims of different place visit this holiest location. It is around six kilometer distance on the Edlabad's North West side. This Changdeo fair is held in the month of January and February which is called as Magha. Almost eighty thousand pilgrims visit this fair in every year. This pilgrim contains peasants, workers and within these pilgrims most of the people came from the Maharashtra state's Vidarbha part.

If you going at this holy place by air then the nearest airport to land would be Nagpur airport and from their the distance is one hundred seventy seven kilometer. By rail, the closest railway station is Chandrapur and from their, it takes ninety one kilometer distance. By road, you can reach at this religious place through Mul road of Nagpur, Chandrapur. If you want to go by short cut, they you can take a route of Milswali Sakhri, it is around one hundred eighty three kilometer.

Location : 6 Kms. at the North West of Edlabad, Maharashtra
Famous as : Religious Site, Sage Markandeya Is Believed To Have Practised Penance Here.
Time of the festivity : January - February

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