Thursday, 3 June 2010

Khuldabad Urs

Khuldabad Urs festival is also popular as valley of Saints. It is a sacred town, which is located in the Aurangabad's Ellora path, the distance is very less around five kilometer from the caves of Ellora and from Aurangbad, it is almost twenty two kilometer long. Khuldabad Urs festival is an annual festival; the duration of this festival is five days. This festival is celebrated by many people because many migrated Sufi people come at this place before many years ago. This place is spiritual place of Muslims and it also contains the coffin of the Aurangzeb's Mughal emperor. This festival is very much popular because large numbers of pilgrims visit this holy place during this festival. This lace became so religious because of the Zain-ud-din and Burhan-ud-din these saints of Muhmmaden.

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